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Train Your Team To Become Your Organization's Experts

We know that taking on a new system can be difficult, especially if it greatly varies from your previous one. That's why MuniBilling offers training from our seasoned experts to turn your team into your organization's system's experts.


How Does Your Team Benefit From Training?

It's easy for everyone to feel overwhelmed when jumping into a foreign work environment, such as a new Utility Billing System. That's why we offer training from the MuniBilling experts for your team. The end goal, being to ready your team with all of the tools available to them, so they can become the experts on your new Utility Billing System.

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Your Training Journey Ahead Of You


Prepare for your first steps with the MuniBilling software as our team of experts trains you to become top tier managers of your new system!


Your team will be trained on how to properly navigate our Utility Billing System before they're even introduced to the billing process to remove any chance of confusion.

Billing Processes

Your billing processes may differ from a previous Utility Billing Systems. That's why we value training your team on how to properly process your bills through the MuniBilling system.

Feature Functionality

We train your team on how to configure the business rules to govern features to best support your organization’s unique business requirements. In-depth training and tutorials are provided to help you improve your ability to automate operations and support your customers.

Customer Portal

Allow our Implementation Team to walk your team through the ins and outs of our customer portal to host all of your billing operation needs and how to best use these features available to you, so that you can train your customers all through a single user friendly online portal.

Ongoing Training

MuniBilling ensures training for your team even AFTER your implementation has completed. Through our dedicated Client Success Team an assigned Client Success Manager will be available to your team to assist with any additional training you may need!


Training And Client Success: Two Peas In A Pod

The MuniBilling training foundation leads you through our 5 Phase Implementation process, but what happens when that wraps up? Once your implementation has completed your organization will remain paired with one of our dedicated Client Success Managers to ensure that your team is still receiving any necessary training they may need post implementation.

Why Consider MuniBilling

MuniBilling is a leading utility billing solution provider with a proven track record of helping our clients eliminate manual overhead and automate their business operations through system integrations, powerful self-service capabilities and intelligent insights to make timely effective decisions.


Operational Efficiency is Thirty Minutes Away

With tools to make your billing more efficient and a support team excited to help you, getting started with MuniBilling has never been faster

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