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Effortlessly Elevate Your Customer’s Experience with Call Center as a Service

Unleash the true potential of exceptional customer experiences with MuniBilling's Call Center as a Service. Our team of skilled professionals becomes an extension of your team, delivering unparalleled service and crafting meaningful conversations while seamlessly integrating with your operations for exceptional customer service. 


What Does Our Call Center Service Do?

MuniBilling's Call Center as a Service is the ultimate solution for your customer support needs. Our team of experts provides seamless call management, personalized support, and efficient issue resolution at multiple tiers. As an extension of your organization, we boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, freeing up your team to focus on more critical tasks.

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Benefits Of The MuniBilling Call Center

We provide unmatched customer assistance via phone, email, or text. With Call Center as a Service, we remove the biggest hindrance to your productivity, allowing your team to focus on critical aspects of your business.


Managing Resource Capacity

You no longer have to worry about staffing shortages or temporary replacements. The Customer Support Team has redundant representatives to support every time zone. You receive the benefit of intelligent call routing to manage unexpected or traditional high volumes of calls resulting from emergencies or expected seasonal events.

Tiered Support System

Our Customer Service Representatives are trained to resolve a broad spectrum of issues promptly. Escalations are supported by a tiered structure of subject matter experts who will provide the necessary assistance to ensure the Customer Support Representative can resolve your issue or complete your request with the appropriate support.

Intelligent IVR

IVR serves as a means to offer round-the-clock efficient self-service support. Our call system effectively minimizes confusion and inefficiency by employing intelligent self-service features for payment processing and routing. When needed, it ensures that calls are directed to the right Customer Service Representative, taking into account language preferences and geographical considerations.


How Our Call Center Services Help Manage the Utility Customer Lifecycle

Our team at MuniBilling understands that customers communicate through various channels and desires swift issue resolution, so our highly trained Customer Support Representatives address a wide range of support needs to achieve first-call resolution throughout the customer lifecycle.


Account Setup/Move-In

Our Customer Service Representatives will handle all administrative tasks and paperwork, including setting up user accounts and ensuring accurate billing information.

Regular Payments

Our Customer Service Representatives promptly assist customers with bill payments via IVR forwarding or the Munibilling online payment portal, ensuring a smooth process and preventing disconnect notices.


We swiftly and compassionately resolve customer issues with empathetic and friendly staff. Our multi-tiered support system is available for additional conversations, allowing you to focus on bigger challenges while we provide multi-tiered incident resolution for your valued clientele.

Billing Issues

Our team's deep understanding of billing intricacies and processes allows us to navigate complexities with ease. We excel in providing clear and logical explanations of charges and promptly address billing issues for swift resolution and peace of mind.

Late Fee Notices

MuniBilling's Call Center team handles late fee notice calls with professionalism and empathy. They quickly resolve customer concerns and guide them on outstanding payments, instilling trust and ensuring a seamless experience for all customers.

Move Outs

Our Call Center agents handle customer account closures, guiding customers through the process, explaining policies and fees, and ensuring accurate documentation for a seamless transition.

Service That Truly Listens

Our Call Center as a Service team utilizes the dynamic combination of both passive and active listening techniques to fully comprehend and address your customers' concerns, providing tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

How We Leverage Passive Listening

Passive listening is listening without reacting: allowing someone to speak, without interrupting.

  • We carefully listen to customer issues and allow them to speak without interruption to get all of the pertinent facts and diffuse the situation.
  • The Customer Support Representative processes the information they are receiving without commenting on it or reacting.
  • Taking essential notes as issues are being explained to have the appropriate resources available at their disposal for resolution.

How We Leverage Active Listening

Active listening is engaging the caller through clarifying questioning to make sure the issue is fully understood. 

  • Fully Concentrating on what is being said rather than just "hearing" what the problem is and needing clarification throughout the resolution.
  • A method that improves mutual understanding so that the Customer Support Representative is on the same page as the customer.
  • Paraphrasing and asking questions throughout the call to fully understand, restating the problem, and recapping the issue.

Clear Performance Management Through Objectives and KPI’s

MuniBilling's Call Center as a Service empowers you to confidently track and measure the performance of the Call Center. Your dedicated Client Success Manager will arrange regular business review meetings to showcase performance statistics that align with our Customer Service & Support Center's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We are firm believers in the power of data-driven insights to guarantee your satisfaction and enable informed decision-making for your enterprise.

Why Consider MuniBilling

MuniBilling is a leading utility billing solution provider with a proven track record of helping our clients eliminate manual overhead and automate their business operations through system integrations, powerful self-service capabilities and intelligent insights to make timely effective decisions.


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