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Free Up Your Team By Supporting Your Customers Through our Customer Support Team

We know how important it is to have a sufficient resolution to your customer's issues while juggling other responsibilities. Our Call Center as a Service is here to help alleviate stress from your team and your customers!


What Does Our Call Center Do?

Call Center is the frontline support to resolve your customers’ issues and process service requests. Our Call Center as a Service is a MuniBilling-provided service run by our highly trained Customer Support Team. Our representatives are here at the ready to help support your team by freeing up time and managing your customer calls.

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What All Does The Call Center Handle?

Customers communicate in multiple modes – email, phone, web portal, mobile application, etc. Customers want their issues resolved as soon as possible. Here at MuniBilling, our Customer Support Representatives are trained to handle a broad-spectrum support requirements. Our primary business metrics center on first call resolution and customer satisfaction. When necessary, our agents will escalate and engage additional support as required.


Billing Issues

Our Customer Service Representatives have seen it all. They understand the nuances of billing issues that may arise. They appreciate that customers need an intuitive logical explanation of the charges on their bill. Our Customer Support Representatives are experts in investigating and resolving billing issues promptly


Customers hate disruptions in their utility services. They need the assurance that an agent is available to help resolve service disruptions immediately. Our Call Center will help assess the problem and can dispatch the appropriate field technicians when necessary.

Move Ins

There can be much confusion when someone moves into a new residence, which could lead to customer calls regarding various questions. Our Customer Service Representatives will follow your standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure the necessary administrative tasks and paperwork are completed.

Move Outs

Disconnecting utilities is often an afterthought when someone is moving. Your customers may call to submit a last minute disconnection request or confirm that everything is good to go with their move out from their current residence before they leave. Our Customer Service Representatives will follow your standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure that outstanding balances are resolved and that the location is ready to activate services for its next resident.


Customers may call in looking to make their payments over the phone if they need clarification about how best to pay their bills. Our Customer Service Representatives will follow your standard operating procedures (SOPs) to update the customer’s account in real-time to avoid unnecessary disconnect notices.

Late Fees

Sometimes late fees will have to be sent out for customers if they have yet to pay their bills on time. This can lead to calls about needing to pay these fees off. Our Customer Service Representatives will follow your standard operating procedures (SOPs) to resolve outstanding payments.

Benefits Of The MuniBilling Call Center

Our mission is to ensure the best quality and prompt support when responding to a customer’s phone call, email, or text message regarding any issue they may bring forward.


Managing Resource Capacity

You no longer have to worry about staffing shortages or temporary replacements. The Customer Support Team has redundant representatives to support every time zone. You receive the benefit of intelligent call routing to manage unexpected or traditional high volumes of calls resulting from emergencies or expected seasonal events.

Tiered Support System

Our Customer Service Representatives are trained to resolve a broad spectrum of issues promptly. Escalations are supported by an intelligent tiered structure of subject matter experts who will provide the necessary collaborative assistance to ensure the Customer Support Representative can resolve your issue or complete your request with the appropriate support.

Decision Flow

A dedicated call structure is implemented to manage the lifecycle of customer issues. This allows our team of experts to flow issues to the appropriate technical support expert who can best resolve the problem. Thus helping to eliminate call time and t increase customer satisfaction with the appropriate aid.

Intelligent IVR

IVR is one method to provide 24x7x365 self-service support. Our call system helps reduce chaos and waste by providing intelligent self-service capabilities to process payments and route them to the appropriate Customer Service Representative based on language requirements or geography.

Service That Truly Listens

We understand how difficult it can sometimes be to call a company regarding an issue you may have, only to be met by someone who doesn't listen to your problem. That's why here at MuniBilling, our Customer Support Team is trained in passive and active listening as they gather information to provide the best quality answers for

Passive Listening

Active Listening

We carefully listen to customer issues and allow them to speak without interruption.

Fully Concentrating on what is being said rather than just "hearing" what the problem is and needing clarification throughout the resolution.

The Customer Support Representative processes the information they are receiving without commenting on it or reacting.

A method that improves mutual understanding so that the Customer Support Representative is on the same page as the customer.

Taking essential notes as issues are being explained to have the appropriate resources available at their disposal for resolution.

Paraphrasing and asking questions throughout the call to ensure a correct understanding of the issue at hand.

Performance Management

You can inspect what you expect regarding the performance of the MuniBilling Call Center as a Service. Your assigned Client Success Manager will schedule periodic business review meetings to present the performance statistics benchmarked to our Customer Service & Support Center’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Why Consider MuniBilling

MuniBilling is a leading utility billing solution provider with a proven track record of helping our clients eliminate manual overhead and automate their business operations through system integrations, powerful self-service capabilities and intelligent insights to make timely effective decisions.

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