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Your Success Is Our Success

After decades of experience working with billing entities, we found that many organizations need more than a software, but a partner to help with their billing operations. We're here to help with a cloud-based system paired with leading professional services that will create cost saving efficiencies for your organization.

Not Just Technology, But A Collaboration

Our mission is to eliminate operational challenges related to billing within your organization to create more organizational efficiency for our clients. We seek to be not just a software but a partner. With a missions driven Client Success Team, refined 5 step Implementation process, customized and helpful User Training, and a multi-tiered Customer Support Team, we are focused on long term success with our products and services.

Ensuring your data is transferred and the system is set up with YOUR needs in mind.

What Is Implementation

Our groundbreaking 7-step Implementation process is crafted to pave the path for your organization's enduring success on our platform.

With the support of our Implementation Team, we are fully committed to tailoring our software to seamlessly integrate with your unique processes. From the crucial task of data migration all the way through to success in initial billing cycles, we walk hand in hand with you every step of the way.

We forge a strategic partnership with your team, ensuring that the MuniBilling platform is configured right from the start.

Benefits Of Implementation

  • Efficiently Launch Your Software With Tailored Onboard Expertise:

    Our team of Onboarding specialists is here to help you create a tailored strategy that expedites the launch of your software, taking into account your specific data extraction requirements and customization preferences. We prioritize constant communication to ensure a seamless and efficient setup of your system.
  • Focused On Long-Term Success:

    Our Implementation Team is meticulously trained not only on our powerful platform but also on the most effective Utility Billing practices. This allows them to deliver exceptional results and proactively discover opportunities for long-term growth in your billing management, spanning the entire customer journey.

What Is Client Success

Our dedicated Client Success Managers (CSM) will lead your team through the MuniBilling customer journey to ensure your success through continued collaboration.

With the aid of our knowledgeable industry staff, we will help you to optimize your operations for success.

Through our collaborate journey, your CSM will work alongside you through onboarding all the way to business reviews.

Benefits Of Client Success

  • Production Support:

    Your Client Success Manager will help to facilitate a smooth transition from Implementation to launch.
  • Customer Advocacy:

    The Client Success Manager will maintain a consultative relationship with your organization to provide industry best practice tips and ensure continued success.

What Is Customer Support

We provide a multi-tiered Customer Support Team, focused on helping your team solve any platform or service issue quickly and efficiently.

Our Customer Support Team is on standby to assist you with combating any issue through our tiered support system we have in place.

Benefits Of Customer Support

  • Fast Problem Resolution:

    Our Customer Support Team is available to help quickly resolve immediate issues so you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Multi-tiered Escalation:

    When you need more assistance, our 4-tiered support system is designed to put your team in touch with the right agent to solve your issue quickly.

What Is Training

Through every step of the MuniBilling process our team is dedicated to not only guide you along your journey, but also to teach and train you in how to ensure success with us.

By providing in person training opportunities for education on the essentials of the MuniBilling system and utility billing best practices we want to become a trusted partner rather than just a software solution.

Benefits Of Training

  • Setting You Up For Success:

    There’s nothing worse than getting the keys to a new software and not knowing how to use it. We are dedicated to set you up for long-term success on our platform, and our training provides places for your team to continue to learn and be successful.
  • Trust Your Data:

    Through successful user training, you'll be able to confirm data integrity and overall system setup is above standard.

A collaborative engagement to enhance continued advancement for you and your team.

Customer Stories

"Unlike our previous platforms which used modified financial architecture, MuniBilling was constructed from the ground up as a utility billing platform. It is much easier to use and intuitive"

Jeffery W.

"It is a huge upgrade compared to the old company that we used! It is way more accurate when it comes to pulling the correct usage, so the customers get billed correctly."

Sabrenna C

"I requested a new group of customers added by MuniBilling instead of adding them one at a time myself. The team got them entered correctly and on time, with minimal input. It saved me many hours of work and is greatly appreciated!"

Patricia N

"We were able to improve our field service thanks to the improved software, excellent customer service reps, and overall improvement associated with MuniBilling's full service option."

Benjamin G


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