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Make Your Implementation Simple And Easy With The MuniBilling Team

Avoid the trap of long, confusing, and halfhearted implementations by walking alongside our team and ensuring you get the most out of the system. 


What Does Our Implementation Team Do?

Our team effectively project manages your implementation process, intelligently transfers your customer’s data, and ensures your bills are correct. We have accumulated an exceptional track of successful production cutovers following our structured process.

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The MuniBilling Implementation Process

A smooth implementation is one of the most important things to consider when changing to a new Utility Billing System. Allow our team to guide you throughout your implementation to guarantee your success in every process phase. 

  • 1

    Project Initiation

    Our Client Success Team identifies your business needs for a flexible solution. This allows the Implementation Team to compile requests to build your unique configuration and prepare for data extraction.
  • 2

    Data Acquisition

    Our Onboarding experts work directly to extract your company's existing data to transfer it to production. Then, our Implementation Team configures business rules to meet specific billing requirements.
  • 3

    Design and Build

    MuniBilling’s Implementation Team takes a personalized approach to designing and building a configuration that meets your company’s needs defined during the project planning phase
  • 4


    Our Implementation team assists and educates critical members of your team on how to best leverage the MuniBilling system alongside any new processes.
  • 5

    User Acceptance Testing

    Your team uses the system and documents any needed adjustments and training opportunities to ensure the system works as expected.
  • 6

    Parallel Billing

    Once the base system is accepted, we run a billing cycle parallel out of the Munibilling system to ensure that the system is set up correctly and outputs the same as your previous system.
  • 7

    Product Stabilization

    Once parallel billing is successful for a complete billing cycle, the MuniBilling system is launched! Client Success continues to provide rapid response for another complete billing cycle to ensure successful stable billing operations.

How Our Implementation Process Helps You To Avoid Longterm Risks

Risk is natural when implementing a significant change in your company's operation. When switching between mission-critical systems, you must identify and solve as many risks as possible before going live. 

As part of our utility billing software implementation process, our implementation managers work alongside your stakeholders to create a risk mitigation plan and use it to identify, manage, and resolve any risks that may come up during the process. 


Risks Are Identified

As we set up your implementation plan, our team takes long-term views and identifies potential events, event sequences, and vulnerabilities where the risk is present. 

Perform a Risk Assessment

After all potential implementation risks are identified, our team qualifies and quantifies the risk of each event by weighing its potential impact on the likelihood of it occurring during the implementation process and post-live.

Prioritize and Plan

After the assessment has been completed and presented, we will work with your team to prioritize the most impactful to our go-live plan and then try to eliminate the risks while simultaneously implementing the software. 

Ensuring your data is transferred, and the system is set up with YOUR needs in mind

Why Consider MuniBilling

MuniBilling is a leading utility billing solution provider with a proven track record of helping our clients eliminate manual overhead and automate their business operations through system integrations, powerful self-service capabilities and intelligent insights to make timely, effective decisions.


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