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After decades of experience working with municipalities, we found that many governments are stuck using outdated billing software. We're here to help with a cloud based system that will change the way you work. 

Cloud Based Billing Software

cloud computing (n): the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

Cloud-based billing software, often referred to as online billing software, provides numerous advantages to traditional software packages. MuniBilling is an end-to-end cloud-based utility billing solution that saves entities countless hours and dollars when compared to software that must be licensed, downloaded, and installed.

You Always Have the Most Current Version of the Software

Our in-house engineering team releases several program enhancements every month at no additional cost to our customers. Updates are applied to your system automatically, so you always have the newest features. Simply login to our secure website and continue business as usual without interruption.

No Special Equipment Required

All you need to use cloud billing software is a computer with an Internet connection. MUNIBILLING works on any modern browser, on PC or Mac, even tablets. Our software is hosted on a secure server, so your data stays safe, too.

Never Worry About Computer Crashes Losing Your Data

Need a new computer? Suffer a computer crash? Either way, all of your data will be immediately accessible the moment you turn on your new computer and login to MUNIBILLING’s cloud billing software. We perform complete back-ups of all customer data every single hour, so your data is always safe and secure.

No Software to Install

Once your data is converted, we will send user credentials to login to our secure system. Users won't need help from the IT department, can install the program on multiple devices, or worry if it’s compatible with operating systems.

Access Your Utility Billing Software From Any Location

Need to work from a different office? Staying at home with a sick child? Or maybe you need to get some work done while on the road. When you use our cloud billing software, it’s easy to work from home or any other off-site location to keep your accounts up-to-date and stay on track.

Our Solutions

Water Billing software for citites and companies of all sizes

After decades of experience working with municipalities, we found that many governments are stuck using outdated water billing software, suffering every day from a lack of features yet unable to upgrade due to a lack of funds. With that in mind, we set out to offer modern water billing software at a price affordable to any city, company, or property management group. MUNIBILLING has a suite of standard features such as meter integration, eBilling, a customer portal, and much more. Water billing becomes as easy as uploading a meter file, clicking a few buttons, and printing out bills.

Kick your old trash billing software to the curb

Let’s face it: there is no reason to make trash billing complicated. MUNIBILLING is used by towns, cities, and private companies across the U.S. and Canada because it makes trash billing easy, affordable, and efficient. No matter how frequently you bill for trash and other services, MUNIBILLING can help. Need to add a fee for an extra trash can? Easily add it to their next bill. Someone left extra trash outside of their collection bin? Quickly charge them an overflow fee.Bill for as many different trash rates, services, and fees as you need. Some of our customers have found MUNIBILLING’s trash billing software so affordable and easy to use that they were able to lower their residents annual trash fee.

Sewer Billing

After decades of working with municipalities, we know first hand how complicated sewer billing can be. MUNIBILLING is chosen by towns, cities, and private companies across the U.S. and Canada everyday because it is a comprehensive utility billing toolkit that makes billing simple. Our sewer billing software is customizable so that we can tailor it to your exact needs and make your billing process as smooth as possible. No matter how many people you bill, how often you bill them, or what you bill them for, we can help. Use water meter information to bill for sewer or bill flat rate – we can handle it.

Gas & Electric billing software made cost efficient

MUNIBILLING’s cloud-based natural gas and electric billing software is used by cities and utility companies everyday across the U.S. and Canada. After decades of experience working with gas & electric utilities, we know first-hand how complicated gas and electric billing can be. With that in mind, we have always focused on making our utility billing software as simple as possible. From full integration with meters and meter reading devices to our mobile meter reading app, we are confident that MUNIBILLING has every tool you need to bill for gas & Electric. Gas & Electric billing becomes as easy as uploading a meter file, clicking a few buttons, and printing out bills. Don’t use a meter reading device? Our gas & electric billing software comes with a free meter reading mobile application. MUNIBILLING can even support programs such as the California CARE program for lower income families.

Property Management & University Utility Billing

Property Management and Universities use MUNIBILLING to provide billing services to multiple communities or areas. MUNIBILLING keeps your properties completely separate while making it easy to switch between them. On-site Managers have access to real-time data. Manage an entire rental community or even groups of communities.

Our Services

Managed Utility Billing Services

Worried about how to deal with staffing issues, extended vacations, or retirement? Our staff of experienced billing experts are available to handle all daily billing operations.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Already have a full staff and processes that work great? Our cloud-based Utility Billing Software is easy to use and has all the functionality you need, including an integrated customer portal.

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