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Our Solutions

After decades of experience working with municipalities, we found that many organizations are stuck using outdated billing software and, more importantly, need help with their operations. We're here to help with a cloud based system and professional services that will change the way you work. 

Not Just Technology, But A Collaboration

We are more than a software. Our goal is to eliminate operational challenges related to billing within your organization. We seek to be not just a software but a partner.

Operate Efficiently

Our solutions empower your organization to operate more efficiently. We're here to help securely reconcile payments instantaneously, automate back-office and e-billing processes and provide actionable, intelligent insights with real-time data to manage your operations as efficiently as possible.

Built for Security and Scalability

Our platform is designed to grow your customer base at any pace with a scalable cloud infrastructure. Our system is also secured with commercial SOC 2 Type 2 audited data center security so you can increase customer confidence that their data is secure.

Eliminate Operational Challenges

Our software is packed with features designed to not only improve your operational efficiency, but eliminate challenges costing your organization in labor and time. Our powerful self-service customer portal reduces repetitive customer requests and our software increases monthly billing accuracy.

Advance Your Partnership

Each MuniBilling client is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager, committed to your strategic success with our product through periodic business reviews and leveraging helpful and actionable analysis of reports, data, and insights right inside of the MuniBilling system.

Strategically Augment Your Team

Eliminate overhead management and hiring of billing and payment contractors and get predictable and consistent operations that your customers will thank you for. Streamline your customer service and free your team up to focus on the big problems instead of the same calls day in and day out.

Advance Your Operations

We are always looking for opportunities for operational improvements. Our professional services are designed to work with you through our operational services, ranging from changing rates, meters and accounting systems to systems training, process improvements, and data modeling through intuitive reports.

Our Services

Managed Utility Billing Services

Worried about how to deal with staffing issues, extended vacations, or retirement? Our staff of experienced billing experts are available to handle billing, payments and other operations.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Already have a full staff and processes that are seamless? Our cloud-based Utility Billing Software is easy to use and has all the functionality you need to conduct your billing and customer operations

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