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Third Party Managed Services That Feels Like An Extension Of YOUR Team

Give your team back time, save money, and optimize resources by leveraging our industry expertise; freeing your team to focus on improving operational efficiency and handling only the most important issues. 

What Do We Mean By Managed Services?

You get a full team of US-based representatives that augment team to keep your employees focused on mission critical tasks and initiatives. We offer managed service engagements with flexible service components that can be used to create your ideal operating model.

Billing & Payment as a Service

Our billing experts save you time and money by managing the lifecycle of your billing processes from invoice creation through distribution and payments.

Billing Type Management

Oversee multiple billing types, metered or non-metered, for your customers.

Off Cycle Bill Management

Accommodate ad hoc invoicing for scenarios outside of a normal billing cycle.

Rate Schedule Management

Manage and validate rate changes with test bills through rate schedule management.

Invoice Generation Handling

Remove the overhead of printing and mailing invoices to customers.

Customer Notifications

Communicate events or interruptions through multiple channels to your customers.

Online Presentment & Electronic Distribution

Remove the cost of printing and distributing invoices manually.

Payment Management

Decrease the incidents of late payments by leveraging the convenience of dynamic payment services, such as e-check, credit card payments, pay by phone, or lockbox services.

Hear From Customers Just Like YOU

"The efficiency and realized cost savings that the software and full-service option from MuniBilling provided to my company, our clients, and the customers we serve on behalf of our clients."

Benjamin G.

"I requested a new group of customers added by MuniBilling instead of adding them one at a time myself. The team got them entered correctly and on time, with minimal input. It saved me many hours of work and is greatly appreciated!"

Patricia M.

"We have a very specific and unusual need for billing. We operate a thoroughbred training facility and we rent by both stall and barn. There is a wide variety of billing accounts that come into play throughout the month. When we needed a desperate upgrade from a previously customized program to something else that would work for our needs, MuniBilling provided us with the ability to customize and create something that carried the same elements as what we used previously."

Pauline B.
Company Detail

"Unlike our previous platforms which used modified financial architecture, MuniBilling was constructed from the ground up as a utility billing platform. It is much easier to use and intuitive. We have just completed our first bill run so we still have a lot to learn but our team can operate the platform successfully without days in training sessions or 4" binders filled with processes and screen shots."

Jeffery W.

Managing The Lifecycle Of Your Customers

Leverage our team of experts to extend out a helping hand to help manage parts of your billing operation, allowing you to focus on improving operational efficiency. Take a look at what the average lifecycle of your customers will look like as it's handled by our team of experts.


Your Move-in process will involve our team processing new customer requests through means such as email and phone. Establishing accounts for these new customers as they're moving in and assigning them utilities and convenience options. We'll then process their deposits and provide them their customer account information.


Once your new customer is assigned to their account, our team can start processing their utility usage. This allows them to validate their first bill proration and then they can start to publish, print, and distribute these bills back to the customers through an Online Customer Portal, e-Bill, and USPS.

Late Fees

Our team of utility billing experts will customize procedures to support your specific late fee protocols. You can track payment status through on-demand reports.


Our utility business operations experts follow your ordinance-specific business policies and procedures and establish an intuitive audit trail to ensure all impacted utility services are properly terminated.

Move Out

Our utility business operations experts follow your ordinance-specific business policies and procedures to quality assure all required business processes steps from request through utility shutoff are completed.

Final Bill

Our utility business operations experts reconcile all outstanding usage and prorate charges with deposits to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the final bill.

Why Consider MuniBilling

MuniBilling is an industry-leading choice for utility companies that want to leverage the always-on-demand anywhere access capabilities of a secure cloud platform to streamline the lifecycle of utility billing operations, improve communication with customers, and leverage intelligent insights to continually improve business outcomes.


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