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MuniBilling: Cloud Utility Billing Software

An easy to use comprehensive cloud-based utility billing solution. MuniBilling can be used to bill for any type of service or fee, allows for unlimited rates and tiers, and supports integrations with
automated meter reading systems, accounting packages, ITSM/GIS software and much much more.

MuniBilling Core Software Features

The MuniBilling Core platform is an industry-leading cloud software solution with features designed and tested to make your operations more effective. Our core product features give you the power and flexibility to improve your operational efficiency.

Flexible Billing Engine

An easy to use solution for personalized billing needs. Accommodate different tax rates, parcels and locations, and adjustable billing tiers and rates.

Customer Portal

Increase customer satisfaction with self-account management capabilities, freeing up your staff to focus on high-level operational tasks.

Seasonal Management

Streamline management of high volumes of adhoc customer moves, and easily create any type of dormancy rate structure.

Service Orders

Streamline service orders with our customer portal, reduce issue response time, and establish an accurate audit trail of all activities.

Real Time Reporting

Real-time data to gain useful insights into Accounts Receivable, Billing, Customer Accounts, Meters, and Payments.

Meter Integrations

Standard integrations with industry metering systems and data allow you to make informed decisions and streamline billing.

Accounting Software

Send batches of billing data to mainstream accounting softwares for timely entry, consistency, integrity and more.


Secure payment methods - Lockbox, Credit Card, ACH. Improve cash flow through real-time payments and decreasing A/R.

And Always Growing

Our platform is constantly growing and improving, and you get to benefit from that growth. We are a cloud based platform with no paid upgrade cycle, so you are always on the most up to date version of the software. We are dedicated to your success on our platform, so if there is a specific need that your entity has, we can work towards a custom solution that fits your entities unique needs.

Optional Add-on Software Modules

Enhance your software experience with additional features designed to solve your entity’s unique needs. Whether you need to communicate efficiently to your customers or track and bill for business taxes, you can enhance MuniBilling to best fit your organization’s needs.


Send notifications through email, SMS, and voice with the capability of filtering specific target groups and verifying the recipient received voice messages.

Water Loss

Analyze production sources and meters versus consumption sources to distinguish overall system consumption and troubleshoot appropriately.


Track, store, and export data related to backflow device types and testing information to streamline operational processes and customer satisfaction.

Ratio Utility Billing

Manage site consumption algorithms by footage, occupancy, number of bedrooms, meter size or completely custom linear allocation.

Lien Process

Manage lien amounts by specific customer segments and prevent lien data from impacting your overall revenue reports.

Licenses And Permits

Generate new, and track, permit renewals and business licenses, based on business type & project type.

Business Taxes

Calculate and track taxes by defined schedules, while generating tax worksheets on a frequency you define.

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