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MuniBilling: Cloud Utility Billing Software

We've worked with Municipalities, HOAs, Property Managers, Private Management Companies, Universities and many more types of companies to develop what we think is the easiest billing creation tool that is built on real world experience. 

Key Features

Cloud Based

Work from your office or the beach. Our Cloud Based software means you're always connected and able to help your customers.

Printing Services

Tired of printing and stuffing envelopes? Let us handle it with printing services that ensure your bills go out on time every time.


Your customers have the option to receive all bills electronically at no additional charge, saving you time, labor costs, and postage fees.

Customer Portal

Online access is provided at no additional charge for your customers to see usage, access and pay their bills online.

Notes and Flags

Do you have unique data you collect from residents? Create unique flags on your customer records that easily stand out to customer support.

Service Orders

Service orders are quick and easy to create and assign inside of the platform with notes, navigation, and easy input for your teams.

Lockbox Payments

Use a lockbox for your payments? We offer lockbox services with easy bill payment input into our software.


With hundreds of integrations and counting, Munibilling tools can talk to existing tools in your existing tech stack.

Integrated Payment Processing

Through our integrated payment processor, we accept all major US credit cards and ACH payments either by phone or online.

Meter Integrations

MuniBilling integrates with any and all meter systems and meter reading devices, reflecting meter data in the platform.

"Snowbird" Management

Have residents that "fly away" for the winter? Munibilling makes SnowBird Management simple and easy out of the box.

Security and Updates

MuniBilling uses industry leading hosting providers using proven security and encryption to host MuniBilling.

And Always Growing

Our platform is constantly growing and improving, and you get to benefit from that growth. We are a cloud based platform with no paid upgrade cycle, so you are always on the most up to date version of the software. We are dedicated to your success on our platform, so if there is a specific need that your entity has, we can work towards a custom solution that fits your entities unique needs.

Our Services

Managed Utility Billing Services

Worried about how to deal with staffing issues, extended vacations, or retirement? Our staff of experienced billing experts are available to handle all daily billing operations.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Already have a full staff and processes that work great? Our cloud-based Utility Billing Software is easy to use and has all the functionality you need, including an integrated customer portal.

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