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MuniBilling: Cloud Utility Billing Software

Our easy-to-use, comprehensive cloud-based utility billing solution can bill for any service or fee! This allows for unlimited rates and tiers and supports integrations with meter reading systems and much more!

MuniBilling Core Software Features

The MuniBilling core platform is an industry-leading cloud software solution with features designed and tested to make your operations more effective. Our core product features give you the power and flexibility to improve your operational efficiency in your billing process!

Flexible Billing Engine

Our industry-leading solution for any industry's diverse utility billing needs. Our system accommodates different tax rates, fees, and adjustable billing tiers for metered and non-metered bills.

Real-Time Reporting

Gain valuable insights thanks to our real-time data and insights. Make decisions based on accurate accounts receivable, billing, customer accounts, meters, and real-time payments.

Customer Portal Standard

Increase customer satisfaction and decrease support calls with customer-forward self-account management capabilities, giving your staff more time to focus on high-level tasks.

Service Orders

The robust service-order module allows tickets and issues to be entered into our customer portal directly by your customers or tenants. Reduce issue response time, and establish an audit trail of all activities.

Seasonal Management

Streamline management of high volumes of ad hoc customer moves and easily design for any dormancy period or seasonal rate structures.

Meter Integrations

Standard data exchanges with industry-standard metering systems and data allow you to make informed decisions and streamline billing.

Accounting Software Data Feeds

Optimize your accounting processes and send batches of billing data to mainstream accounting software programs. Create access points for timely entry, consistency, integrity, and more regarding your organization's accounting.

Secure Payments Options

Accept payments for how your customers want to pay with diverse and secure payment methods - Lockbox, Credit Card, ACH. Optimize your cash flow through real-time payments and improve the integrity of your Accounts Receivables

And Always Enhancing

Our platform constantly grows and improves; all customers benefit from our continuous research and development. We are dedicated to your success on our platform. We collaborate with our clients to architect effective solutions that help all organizations achieve greater efficiency.

Flexible Billing For Every Industry

The MuniBilling engine is built to provide flexibility to accommodate billing requirements and bundle the charges for every type of billing scenario. Our system handles recurring flat fee subscriptions, tiered usage, and other one-time charges with ease. Apply credits for any type of utility or service such as – water, recycling, sewer, garbage, gas, electric, stormwater, internet, cable, pest, HOA, amenities, pest, or more. Customize billing options for weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual billing cycles. 


Achieve greater levels of self-service automation and insights to help your government agency provide the best and most cost-effective service to your citizens and businesses.


There is no limit to how you can expand your service offerings and revenue opportunities. We provide efficient integrations with property management systems.

Higher Education

Higher Education entities benefit from unlimited access to our online customer portal and mobile portal application to better facilitate and support self-service anywhere and anytime, automating activations, payments, inquiries, and requests of each entity.

Private Utility Entities

Private utility companies receive the predictable and cost-effective benefits of an industrial strength cloud-based billing system that assures resiliency, redundancy, scalability, and flexibility to accommodate your business requirements and service your customers.

"Quickbooks is great for our bookkeeping, and we still use it for those tasks. However, with our growing customer database we needed a software that was more intuitive and flexible for customer service feature needs."

Danielle J.

"Unlike our previous platforms which used modified financial architecture, MuniBilling was constructed from the ground up as a utility billing platform. It is much easier to use and intuitive. We have just completed our first bill run so we still have a lot to learn but our team can operate the platform successfully without days in training sessions or 4" binders filled with processes and screen shots."

Jeffery W.
Billing Manager

" I like the software because it is very user friendly. When I started using the software a year ago I had no idea what I was doing. I have been using it a year now and I very seldom have to call support for help. When I do call for support the support team is very patient, they always guides me through what I have to do step by step, and they explain what I am doing. I love the reports I am able to print out to let me know past due balances and totals year to date. "

Brigette G.
Billing Operations

"This is a highly capable utility billing product with great functionality, ease of use and strong customer support. We came onboard with MuniBilling in 2018 and it's been a smooth transition every step of the way, thanks to their outstanding staff and customer support."

Brent V.
IT Staff

"This keeps all the billing complete in one place, very user friendly, and organized. Customer support is amazing and very easy to work with. Big Plus!"

Christine J.

" It is a huge upgrade compared to the old company that we used! It is way more accurate when it comes to pulling the correct usage, so the customers get billed correctly."

Sabrenna C.

Why Consider MuniBilling

MuniBilling is an industry-leading choice for utility companies that want to leverage the always-on-demand anywhere access capabilities of a secure cloud platform to streamline the lifecycle of utility billing operations, improve communication with customers, and leverage intelligent insights to continually improve business outcomes.

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