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Third Party Managed Services That Feels Like First Party Service

Give your team back time, save money, and optimize resources by leveraging our industry expertise; freeing your team to focus on improving operational efficiency and handling only the most important issues. 

What Do We Mean By Managed Services?

 You get a full team of US-based representatives that augment and add to your team to keep your employees focused on other tasks and initiatives. We offer two types of managed service engagements with components that can be used to build your perfect engagement

Billing & Payment as a Service

Our billing experts save you time and money by managing the lifecycle of your billing processes from invoice creation through distribution and payments.

Online Presentment & Electronic Distribution

Eliminate the manual cost of printing and distributing invoices manually.

Rate Schedule Management

Manage scheduled rate changes and update bills and processes.

Off Cycle Bill Management

Accommodate invoices for scenarios outside of a normal billing cycle.

Customer Notifications

Communicate events or interruptions through various channels.

Billing Type Management

Oversee multiple billing types, metered or non-metered.

Invoice Generation Handling

Eliminate the overhead by printing and mailing invoices to customers.

Payment Management

Decrease the incidents of late payments by leveraging the convenience of varied payment services, such as e-check, credit card payments, pay by phone, or lockbox services.

Billing Operations as a Service

Our trained specialists manage your daily operations to comply with your specifications, enabling you to prioritize and achieve business objectives.

Personalized Best Practices

Improve operational efficacy by leverage the expertise derived from managing multiple organizations

Contact Center Supervision

Outsource all your customer support calls to our US based, multi-lingual staff to free up your team.

Incident Management

Automate, prioritize, escalate and resolve incidents in a timely manner to increase customer satisfaction.

Service Request Management

Streamline new activations, on-demand services, leak investigations, meter change needs, and disconnects.

Customer Account Management

Expand your staff and operations to manage and enhance billing operations and customer account management needs.

Meter Change Management

Simplify obtaining and assigning meters, and manage your capability to read, inactivate and replace current meters rapidly.

Vendor Logistics Management

Save time selecting and tracking vendors to troubleshoot and resolve service and support issues.

Why Consider MuniBilling

MuniBilling is the No. 1 choice for utility billing with features like a cloud-based design, instant upgrades, customer portals standard, and thousands of integrations (and growing). We're perfect for customers of all sizes for customer service reps, billing specialists, and even technicians. 


"My overall experience with MuniBilling has been wonderful. The support team has always treated me with the upmost respect. Whenever I need help there has never been an occasion that it has taken more than an hour to get the help I need."

Brigette G.
Fiscal Officer

"This is a highly capable utility billing product with great functionality, ease of use and strong customer support. We came onboard with MuniBilling in 2018 and it's been a smooth transition every step of the way, thanks to their outstanding staff and customer support."

Brent V.

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